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Israel: TherapieMonitor Multiple Myeloma refractory/relapsed 2017

You can access the online documentation from our web site by clicking on the link below.

Please document patients with Multiple Myeloma who:

•    Are at least refractory or in 1st relapse
•    Have been treated in your institution in the 4th quarter 2017

The database is opened from 08.01.2018 until 31.01.2018.

Click on the link below and log in with your User-ID and Password.

Online Documentation TherapieMonitor Multiple Myeloma refractory/relapsed 2017 IL

For more information about the inclusion criteria please read the “Presentation Workflow TM iREAL 2017 IL-EN.pdf” provided.

For further questions about the project please contact your country manager Mr. Elias Khazaal

by email: khazaal[at]oncologyinformationservice.com

Thank you very much for your participation
Lenka Kellermann and the O.I.s) Team