Real World Databases
Evidence based Healthcare and Market Research


Hauptberufliche Tätigkeiten

  • Daten Analyst – Statistik, SPSS, Klinische Epidemiologie (m/w/d)
  • Daten Manager – Erstellung von eCRFS, Datenmanagementpläne und -qualitätsprüfung (m/w/d)
  • Projekt Manager – New Business Development (m/w/d)

Nebenberufliche Tätigkeiten

  • Monitor – Qualitätsprüfung der eingegebenen Daten (m/w/d)
  • Daten Analyse Assitenz – Statistik, SPSS (m/w/d)

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Aktuelle Projekte/Current Projects Oktober/November 2018

TM refraktäres/rezidiviertes Multiples Myleom international, Q1-Q3 2018

TM MammaCa 2017/2018

TM PankreasCa 2017/2018

ORP Mamma-Ca Q3 2018

ORP Melanom Q3 2018


  • We are proud to announce that we have officially been certified as "Women Owned Business".
  • After many years of support on behalf of physicians participating in our projects, we are honoured to be named official partner of “Physicians without Borders” in 2018. We feel encouraged to strengthen our mutual support of the medical aid in the numerous conflict areas.