Real World Databases
Evidence based Healthcare and Market Research
Managing Director
  • Lenka Kellermann (MBA): manages O.I.s), develops and guides key projects in the field of clinical epidemiological analysis –>TherapieMonitor and clinical research –> publications.
  • Christine Hillenbrand-Unmuessig (M.A.): Senior Finance & Administration Manager
  • Evgeniia Kharitonova (MSc. Economics and Politics): Project Manager OncoRegioPanel and Social Media Manager
  • Manuela Kapp (sCRA, Dipl. Biologist): Senior Project Manager TherapyMonitor
  • Melanie Frank (MSc. Epidemiology): Data Analyst & Epidemiologist
  • Natalie Hunter (MSc. Biological Sciences): Data Manager & Project Manager TherapyMonitor
  • Nora Janzer (MSc. Biomedicine, BSc. Ing. Biotechnology): Senior Project Manager TherapyMonitor and Pharmacovigilance Manager
  • Olga Lichtenwald (BSc. Economics and Politics): Finance & Administration Manager
  • Patricia Linke (M.A.): Senior Project Manager of product-related projects, such as prescription tracking, motivation research and OncoRegioPanel
  • Stefan Schilling (MSc. Economicpsychology): Data Analyst
Support Team
  • Anessa Androbik
  • Anna Kristina Lindner
  • Cindy Zhang
  • Claire de Bonnault
  • Constantin Heinicke
  • Elias Khazaal
  • Frederik Przybilla
  • Hélène Bald
  • Hendrik Abraham
  • Kai Strobel
  • Kristina Hermann
  • Lidija Ujkic
  • Malin Schneitzer
  • Peter Jan Chabiera
  • Svenja Engelhardt
  • Valerie Ambrosi
  • Vivien Jesenofsky
  • iAS GmbH, Berlin, Germany
  • inView GmbH, Freiburg, Germany
  • Sanawork GmbH, Freiburg, Germany