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Evidence based Healthcare and Market Research
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TriNetX Oncology GmbH,
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Managing Director
  • Lenka Kellermann (MBA): manages O.I.s), develops and guides key projects in the field of clinical epidemiological analysis –>TherapieMonitor and clinical research –> publications.
  • Christine Hillenbrand-Unmuessig (M.A.): Senior Finance & Administration Manager
  • Patricia Linke (M.A.): Head of Project Management
  • Evgeniia Kharitonova (MSc. Economics and Politics): Senior Project Manager and Social Media Manager
  • Nora Janzer (MSc. Biomedicine): Senior Project Manager and Pharmacovigilance Manager
  • Katharina Dankwarth (M.A. German Linguistics): Project Manager
  • Alessia Rabasca (M.A. Translator): Country Manager Italy
  • Alexander Voronov (MSc. Molecular Medicine): Project Manager
  • Léna Blondel (MSc. Environmental Sciences): Project Management Assistant
  • Franziska Haug (Dipl. Biologist): Project and Data Manager
  • Fanny Jentsch (Msc. Health Education): Project and Data Management Assistant
  • Lisa Merker (MSc. Neuroscience): Data Analyst
  • Kai Strobel (MSc. Biochemistry and Biophysics): Senior Data Analyst
  • Nuria Coll Garcia (BSc. Nursing and Personnel Management): Country Manager Spain and Head of Monitoring
  • Lisa Dittmer (BSc. Medical Information Management): Senior Data Manager
  • Nadine Müller (M.A. Public Communication): Data Analyst
  • Stefan Schilling (MSc. Economic Psychology): Senior Data Analyst
Support Team
  • Hans-Christian Stahl
  • Peter Jan Chabiera
  • Kristina Hermann
  • Marvin Ludäscher
  • Giulia Gheorghe
  • Amélie Gabard
  • Torben Schmitz
  • Jade Quintana
  • Simon Fauser
  • Liam Zöllner
  • Christine Beck
  • Tim Fey
  • iAS GmbH, Berlin, Germany
  • inView GmbH, Freiburg, Germany
  • sove.it e.K., Cologne, Germany
  • CancerDataNet GmbH, Basel, Switzerland