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Evidence based Market Assessment & Dynamics (OncoRegioPanel)


  • To measure and track, on a regular basis, the market by lines as a whole and by product/regimen
  • To deliver periodic analysis on regular basis
  • To assess track physician´s attitude to specific product/regimen in terms of intension to prescribe in future, strengths/limitations,…
  • To assess the patient profiles most likely to obtain one of the drugs of scope

Sample representative sample of centers reflecting the healthcare structure and distribution of treated prevalence in the respective country and treating 10-15% of targeted prevalence

Method online questionnaire in table form for each separate line of treatment (LoT) including following items: Number of treated patients in total/with specified treatment options, number of patients with a treatment started in the reporting period (month) in total/with specified treatment options individual patient profiles of the last initiated treatment Qualitative metrics for the treatment options of scope (agents/regimens) by lines: intension to prescribe in the next period, targeted subgroup of pts

Analytics & deliveries Analysis in SPSS™ and Visokio Omniscope™, Analysis of market dynamics by LoT/health care sector, drug specific patient profiles. Raw data in Excel file. Optional: interactive dashboards for multiple indications