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Evidence based Healthcare and Market Research
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Epidemiology, Healthcare Structure Research


  • Mapping of treating institutions for each disease type by country: University hospitals, cancer centres, general/ community hospitals, office based care
  • Healthcare research: access to the treatment, reimbursement, named patient programms (NPPs),…..
  • Estimation of treated prevalence by line of treatment
  • Distribution of treated prevalence by line on treating institutions


  • Desk research in all available sources to assess the number and the type of treating institutions
  • online questionnaire in table form for number of treated pts. for each separate line of treatment (LoT)

Analytics & deliveries

  • Analysis in SPSS™ and Visokio Omniscope™,
  • Market understanding: Recommendations and Roadmap for future implementation for each country of scope in tables and maps
  • Optional: interactive dashboards for multiple indications