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Who We Are

O.I.s) – Corporate Profile

Over the last sixteen years we have made a name for ourselves as a busy international opinion research company in the field of oncology.

We offer manufacturers specializing in oncology products and supportive therapies a comprehensive service, which can facillitate strategic and operative decision-making. We will support you from the initial pre-launch phase throughout the life cycle of your product with projects tailored to your needs (see “Our Range of Services“). Our range of services continually adjusts to accommodate changing market conditions and is developed alongside the methodological innovations.

We work closely with our clients to develop each individual project. The main focus of our market and public opinion research activity is centered on German and European markets. Our team consists of market researchers, information specialists, and qualified interviewers. Interviews are conducted after interviewers receive an informative briefing in order to ensure continuous quality control.

We have at our disposal a substantial databank of addresses from doctors of all therapeutic and disciplinary specializations, who are in some way involved in oncological therapy. Doctors value our qualified work and reliable project execution. Hence, we achieve definitive results faster and can guarantee willing interview participants for our clients.

OncologyInformationService was founded in 1993 in Freiburg in Breisgau under the direction of Lenka Kellermann. As a long-time employee and manager of market research at a leading international manufacturer of cytostatic drugs, she possesses relevant experience and specialized knowledge in pharmacological market research on oncology. She is able to convert this close-hand corporate experience into meaningful research and tangible results.

O.I.s) is a member of the German Cancer Society (NPO) and the Working Group of Internal Oncologists.