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Oncoline: Prescription Tracking

Over the last years we have built up trusted and cooperative relationships with most oncologists in charge of therapy within Germany. This along with years of extensive experience in this area of therapy provides us with an exclusive address file at our disposal. The high quality of our sampling presents us with qualified predictions concerning the application parameters and experience values. In addition, due to our knowledge of oncological therapy, we can offer a contextual analysis that will increase the value of your survey measured up against comparable surveys.

If you wish, we will also make the data available for you on the ESPRI-Datatbank so you may also compile a detailed analysis and trend monitor ad hoc.


We adjust your sample in accordance to the physicians in charge of therapy and your target group: – Based on kind of therapeutic institutions (from universities to private practices) – Based on field of specialty (from oncologists/haematologists to professionals in organ specific fields)

No more that two physicians from the same institution will be interviewed, and the latter will come from different wards.


Due to our experience with the Pre- and Post-Launch Tracking as well as with Prescription Tracking on several substances, we consider a representative telephone or online survey of the specialized physicians the best and most economical method.

You can further determine the main content and emphasis of the structured questionnaire, which initially covers the following issues and subject areas:

  • Rating of product/company name recognition, area of application
  • Extent of application measured by patient potential (absolutely, relatively in %)
  • Selection of patient population qualified for the therapy (individual patients and tumor-oriented criteria)
  • Extent of experience with the therapy (cooperation with patients, specialists, office-based physicians)
  • Future use (segmentation of patient population), patient figures and groups
  • Information demand in relation to your product
  • Preferred and utilized sources of information concerning your product, appraisal of the ascertained channels of information and content including pharmaceutical representatives, request of available information, etc.

The questionnaire will be composed of several modules for product users and non-users. Hence information concerning reasons for non-usage will not be lost.

Contact us to set up a detailed and tailored project!