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  1. Development and maintenance of a comprehensive database of physicians who are interested in participating in the clinical studies on oncological therapy that have been selected by the manufacturer. Physicians in the database shall possess the necessary requirements in relation to patient potential respective diagnostics and therapy. Therewith a tool will be developed for the industry that ensures the quality of clinical studies.
  2. The databank is the property of the client. The addresses will not be passed onto third parties and will be used exclusively for conducting clinical studies/target group definitions of the client.


After consultation with the client or respectively the person heading the study, the questionnaire will be sent to an address pool created by comparing and processing the following databanks:

  • Current directory of Germany hospitals
  • O.I.s) address data for oncologists determining therapy
  • Client address pool

With this method we are assured that the questionnaire adresses a representative sample of specialized physicians involved in the specified indication of oncological therapy.

The standardized questionnaire typically consists of multiple-choice questions that will be supplemented by “closing-the-gap-questions”. Therewith we attain not only a high level of data security and accuracy, but also a comprehensive source of information.

The interviewed physician provides information on her/his therapy facilities in relation to:

  • Type of institution (university clinic, hospital with oncological department, etc.), field of specialty, diagnostic and therapeutic equipment , at which point special areas of focus may be listed.
  • Experiences in the implementation of clinical trials in the defined indication concerning the type, phase, and number of patients
  • Trials currently being conducted
  • Planned studies
  • Interest in conducting clinical trials with reference to main focus and of patient potential

The physician will be informed about the objective and the client will be informed about the enquiry. The physician must clearly agree to the Data Protection Act concerning the dissemination and handling of personal data (name, address) in connection to the questionnaire. This project is conducted in coordination with the data protection authorities in the German state of Baden-Württemberg.

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