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Physician – Representative Communication

Sales representatives specialized in oncology still count in all senses among the most valuable sources of information. Oncologists in charge of therapy in particular have high expectations when it comes to the manner of communication and content presented. Then again sales representatives in the field of oncology have a special knowledge regarding their dialog partner and subject area. This know-how should be synergistically utilized in a communications concept.

We thus recommend the participation of your sales representatives in the formation of the communication concept. The content and mode of communication will be reviewed under virtually realistic conditions with the original target group.


The selected sales representatives (from different sales areas) conduct the discussion with physicians according to preliminary discussion materials that correspond to the communications concept. Immediately afterwards the O.I.s will interview each physician about the content and mode of the discussion.

The interviews will be assessed immediately afterwards, whereas the results will serve as guidelines for the subsequent group discussion with the physicians (who will be treated to a meal during that time.) During the discussion the relative value of individual opinions will be set and a general correlation established. The group discussions will be audio and video taped.

Participation in a parallel workshop with the sales representatives is optional. During the workshop you will learn about the sales representatives’ experiences with the communications concept. They will respectively report and advise on guidelines regarding optimization of a modified.

Communication with Patients

Even if a communications concept is being adapted “only” for patients and other effected parties, physicians and other trained staff outside of the target group should also be included in the test. The success of a communications concept depends significantly on to what extent physicians and trained staff favor and actively support it.


We recommend conducting separate group discussions or respectively carrying out telephone interviews for the individual target groups. Since communication between the groups is not required, the following advantages of telephone interviews – especially with patients -could be utilized:

  • Private sphere of patient remains anonymous. From experience this increases a patient’s willingness to talk
  • Less expensive than face-to-face interviews

The patients will be recruited by treating physicians so that an exact definition of the target group in relation to indicators and/or therapy is possible. The communications concept data (patient brochures, etc.) will be sent.

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