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This method suits the study of all topics related to current clinical practice, and is useful for you who want to better understand these topics or explore them according to various vantage points. In contrast to single interviews you can illuminate the complexities of your topic and use personal opinions to revitalize the discussio


We recruit participants (maximum 10 per group) by writing to a sample of oncologists involved in therapy or to a specific target group of your choice. In order to guarantee a comprehensive regional assessment we recommend the assembly of at least four groups per topic.

Discussion groups take place in a carefully selected studio and will be visually and audibly recorded. It is possible to participate in the discussions anonymously and actively cooperate in the planning/execution. The discussion will proceed according to adjusted guidelines.

Based on our experience and trusted collaboration, we can also arrange discussions of topics selected by you that cover a cross section of opinions.

Contact us to set up a detailed and tailored project!