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We have already successfully conducted multiple clinical-epidemiological studies on different indications (breast cancer, NSCLC IIIab/IV, prostrate, colorectal and ovarian carcinomata, GIST). We would be happy to develop a project concept for you that includes any oncological indication or supportive therapy.

The analysis of therapeutic methods based on representative patient sampling will provide you with information on:

  • Therapy models, depending on
    • staging,
    • individual patient features,
    • therapeutic institutions (at university clinics, hospitals with/without oncology departments, private offices specializing in oncology, etc.),
    • the specializations of doctors conducting therapy
  • Distribution of patients among therapeutic and disciplinary specializations
  • Results of tumour and symptom-oriented therapy
  • Length of therapy, length of time between therapeutic intervention (length of remission)
  • Costs of therapy (optional)

This data can allow you to plan your marketing approach and clinical studies as well as to define your strategic goals. The TherapyMonitor is to be conducted at regular intervals (likely every 2 years), so that a verification of stated goals and trend information can be realized.


From a representative sample of patients with specified diagnosis we will document:

  • Demographic features, risk parameters
  • Diagnostics
  • All retrospective and prospective handling procedures (surgery, radio therapy, cytostatic , palliative and supportive therapy) in the course of treatment since the initial tumour diagnosis
  • Side effects, degree of severity, and current therapeutic measures
  • Localization of therapeutic measures according to individual therapeutic and disciplinary objectives

The physicians in charge of therapy in all wards and practices will keep a record of:

  • All patients to whom they recommended therapy (OP, CT, RT, hormone therapy or palliative non-cytostatic therapy, etc.) within a defined time-frame (usually quarterly)
  • Complete therapy records from diagnosis to the present in respect to scheduled therapy and according to the patient’s file

The documentation is carried out on a standardized indication-specific data entry form, which has been developed in cooperation with an opinion leader. The opinion leaders are also involved in data evaluation. In this way you are provided with a therapy analysis informing you both in respect to the medical and the marketing domain. Please have a look at previous publications.

The sample size allows for an analysis that excludes extrapolation and the resulting sources of error associated with it. Even patient participation of only 4 % can have as much as 95 % estimated reliability.

The requested data entry form will be checked for comprehensiveness and plausibility by institute associates/physicians. After consultation with the documenting physician, the data entry form will be corrected or respectively adjusted.

The information will be compiled using special market research data software and converted in the ESPRI-Databank. This data bank affords a qualified and contextual compilation of all collected data.

Contact us to set up a detailed and tailored project!